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   Push Zone Training   

Burn 524-1,168 Calories Per Session
As low as $30/month


What is Push Zone Training?
Push is the most fun, dynamic workout for all fitness levels guided by heart rate monitor technology. An hour of total body & various intensity training that changes every day.

It features Heartrate Monitoring Technology so you'll know exactly how many calories you burn.

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How Does It Work?

The PushBeat is a heart rate monitor with a strap utilizing ANT+ and Bluetooth technology to track your heart rate data during indoor and outdoor activities. You will wear your PushBeat each time you do a Push workout. All your heart rate data will be captured and displayed on screens throughout the studio for real-time feedback. 

This will give you instant motivation and help provide the determination to burn more calories. The captured data is also stored in your member profile for use with the PushBeat app.

What Do You Get?

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