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Our Professional Personal Training Experts Will Help You Lose Fat, Reveal Muscle Tone, and Achieve a Lean & Healthy Look in as Little as 12-24 Weeks

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We Can Only Handle A Small Amount Of New Personal Training Clients Each Month.

Enter Your Info Below And One Of Our Professional Personal Training Experts Will Make Sure We Save You A Spot.

Client Results

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What Do You Get?

How our personal training model works

Our ‘maximum results, minimum time’ model is fundamentally different to any other personal training business you have experienced before.

Unlike other trainers, with Max Fitness you invest in a set time period and we build a bespoke personal training plan around you.  As your trusted advisor, we give you the tools, accountability and guidance you need to achieve the absolute maximum results possible with as little as 3 hours per week in the gym.

What results can you expect?

You might feel like you have tried everything to get results, but our scientific approach works. Our track record proves that if you are willing to commit to the process and work hard, you will achieve exceptional results – no matter what your age, ability or starting point.  

While ‘results’ may mean something unique to everyone, our proven methods and data-led approach give you the measurable outcomes that matter most to you.  

We deliver demonstrable improvements across the board in your weight, body fat, physical fitness and performance. You will not only feel the difference in qualitative measures such as mood, stress, confidence and energy, but see tangible changes in multiple health metrics from blood pressure to cholesterol. 

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