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Please note: Spots are extremely limited

Max Sports Training Program

Maximize Your Full Potential With Speed, Strength, and Endurance, and Agility Training

Class Details

  • Who is it for: Male/female athletes of all sports, ages 12-18.

  • What are the workouts: Workouts will consist of speed, strength, agility, and endurance training.

  • Dates: June 3 - August 2

  • Weekdays: Tuesday & Thursday.

  • Location: Tuesday workouts are inside Max Fitness, and the Thursday workout is at Nettles Park, Clemson (click here for directions to Nettles Park).

  • Class length: 1 hour

  • Class size: 2-6 athletes


To create rewarding relationships in sports performance and fitness and offer motivating experiences with an inspiring atmosphere and positive reinforcement. 

Max Fitness Sports Training is designed to serve all levels of fitness.

Max Fitness Sports Training focuses our training on developing the athlete's fast-twitch muscles to create more force and thus a more powerful athlete. We train the body in functional movements before applying outside force, decreasing the potential for weakness or imbalance that runs the risk of leading to injury down the road. 

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